ZQ Sucks Celebrates The Holidays!


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ZQ Sucks Celebrates The Holidays!
Yesterday nudeonthemoon and I did a ZQ double-feature.


We saw What's Your Number earlier in the day and then in the evening we went to see .

What's Your Number was just horrible. Zach was in the first two minutes and then the rest went downhill after that. Not even adorable Martin Freeman could save it from all the slut-shaming and the main character's low self-worth. I left the theater with heartburn because it upset me so much. At the very least, Chris Evans was in it. YAY.

When we went to Star Trek I was able to take a friend from work who had never seen it. Sci-Fi is NOT her thing, so I wasn't expecting much. We were both pleasantly surprised that she really enjoyed it.

Our conversation before the movie started:

"Is this the movie with that guy you really love?"

"It is. It's where it ALLLLLL started."

"You'll have to point him out for me."

"Oh. You'll know... If not from the squealing then at least from the shaking and crying."

Alas, she was not into Zachary Quinto by the end. "Is he cuter when he's not Spock?" HDU! But I think she developed herself a crush on Mr. Pine. Something tells me she'll now appreciate the Pinto pics covering my walls at work.

Anyway, so yeah. Star Trek was just as wonderful, just as exciting, just as emotional as the first time I saw it. It has renewed my excitement for all things ST and Pinto. I cannot wait until filming starts up again!

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Zach was in the first two minutes

Now I know how to properly movie-hop when I go see... whatever else is playing here this month. *plans*


Yep. There's one glorious moment when naked!Chris Evans and hairporn!!ZQ are in the same scene and then GET OUT! GET OUT OF THE THEATER!!!

I was thinking of going to see What's Your Number because Zach was in it, but now I know not to waste my time. I really dislike slut-shaming. I'm also very tired of these movies where the women have poor self-esteem and it's used as a excuse to mock them and make them feel like they are the cause of why men cheat/leave/won't commit to them. ROAR!

I can't wait for filming to start, too. I need to see stills of Karl looking are Bones-like.

AHHHHHHH. The first time those pap pics show up of ZQ with those eyebrows... DED.

Thank you so much, luv, I was agonizing over whether I should go see WYN, and knowing it would be awful... and now that I know he was only there for that short period of time, I can safely skip it.

Or download those two minutes.

It's definitely worth the DL. I was peeing myself with glee when he was on. Hair!porn is an understatement. He's shirtless in bed and there's just... fur. Everywhere.



Oh my god.

LOL @ the subject line.

I'm content just staring at that picture forever. Hopefully someone will upload those two minutes soon... But wasn't he wearing a different t-shirt when they first released those pics? That said Earth something?

"Is he cuter when he's not Spock?" ....well, I mean, yeah. kinda. if you're not into Vulcans. I personally will take him in any way, shape, or form... ;-)

It's the same shirt. Just the words are 'shopped out. I have no idea why. Tumblr is WEIRD.

He IS hotter IRL, but IDK, I feel like if she didn't love him as Spock she'll probs never love him. She's just more of a Chris Pine kinda girl. :P

Funny thing -- I didn't really have any interest in seeing the reboot (I am not a fan of "reboots" in general, and I'm a long-time Star Wars fan), when my friend who is HUGE into ~cinema~ and not at all into sci-fi told me it was awesome, so I knew I had to see it.

And the rest is history.

I was LOATHE to go. Husban begged me and I refused for a few weeks. Until my best friend (mind twin) went and told me she was strangely attracted to Spock.

I'm going to see ST in IMAX tomorrow night. So excited!

EEEEEE! I actually want to go again because it was still so fun and exciting. HAVE FUN, BB!

It was still amazing! And seeing a fifty foot tall Spock doesn't hurt either. I still tear up at the beginning.

I showed my BFF Star Trek for the first time this weekend and she wasn't too impressed by Zach either. No worries, more for me :D

Good to know What's Your Number isn't worth it, I'll avoid it like the plague.

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