ZQ Sucks Celebrates The Holidays!


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Writing again!
ZQ Sucks Celebrates The Holidays!
I wrote some Pinto fic and posted it anon on the Pinto kink meme. Not sure I want to out myself just yet. Feeling self-conscious about my writing.

But, apparently I want to keep going because I've outlined three more fics-

*A Groff/Pine fic

*A Grinto fic

*And A Quincest fic

I expect to get exactly zero readers for all of them. LOL

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... I probably won't read the ones with Groff, I... kinda can't read stories with him in them. But I'll definitely read the third one, Quincest is my sekrit weakness... <.< lol
So, you know, write ahead and post!!! ;P

I'll be sure to let you know when I post the Quincest. I'll probably be posting it to the kink meme, as it fills your long ago Quincest prompt. ^_^

... my prompt? I don't even remember that, tbh... but lol, fill away!!! I most certainly approve of that!!! *hugs*

A Groff/Pine fic...I am intrigued. Dooo iiiit. I will of course read all the rest of the fics because you wrote them, and therefore, they will be made of win.

I liked it. I lol'd at how earnest Chris was that he could do it. Zach's response at the end was priceless...not to mention it gaves me naughty mental images.

*Cough* I, uh, saw porn video where a guy did that. I was quite amazed.

IKR?! I keep going back to watch. I'm so fascinated with it now.

I will ALWAYS AND EVER read your Quincest, guaranteed.


I really wish there was more Quincest. It's so hot!

I SHALL READ YOUR GROFF ANYTHING. I am so intrigued by Groff/Pine right now, too...

Didn't somebody prompt a Quincest/Groff threesome over at the kmeme? Anyway.

Darling, you need to give me a Grinto (QUINTOFF) prompt for Japan. Seeing as how you won me and all. *bats eyelashes*

Eeeeee! *seal claps* I wasn't sure if it ended or not.

Prompt- gender bend roleplay. On special occasions Jon dresses up for Zach and plays the doting 50s housewife. Frilly, pretty things. Soft makeup. Heels, garters, panties. A roast in the oven. Zach's so into it he thinks of Jon in female pronouns, until he gets to his cock. If you could add OTK spanking in there somewhere that would be triple-times-amazing, but it's not necessary.

Shall I prompt this over at the Grinto kink meme so you can post it there as well, when you're done?

BTW, where do I submit my paypal info?

Erm, I dunno? Just donate wherever you'd like, I trust you for it. If you want to let me know the specific charity, I'll post it with the fic summary.

I'll just post it to my lj, bb. *huggles*

Okay. I donated to the American Humane Association's Animal Emergency Fund in Japan. If you need the confirmation #, or anything else, to post to the donation confirmation post (http://community.livejournal.com/help_japan/5099.html) just let me know. :)

On another note, EEEEEEEEEEEEEeeee. I'm so excited! \o/

Um, it's normal to start shaking from reading those two little words, right? Because I did. O_O

*goes to read*



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