ZQ Sucks Celebrates The Holidays!


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Mad Paint skillz, yo!
ZQ Sucks Celebrates The Holidays!
I made this for this weeks _Pinto challenge- Draw Pinto in MS Paint!

I did this one because it was just a really awesome day full of flailing and love and rainbows and unicorns.

Also, I cheated and took the random dude from the back out of it, because we're all just going to pretend that he didn't exist anyway and they stopped to fuck in the car on the way back to Zach's place. Mmmhmm.


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That is fabulous. I love the stubble on Zach's face and Chris really looks like he wants to flip off the paps again.

Haha. I know, right? Every time his hand comes up I think it's to either flip someone off or pick at his nose. The stubble is stupendous.

You did a really good job capturing their facial expressions.

Aww, thank you so much.

Chris can flip off as many paps as he wants, I love to ogle those fingers. XD

Really belated, but thanks bb! ^_^

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