ZQ Sucks Celebrates The Holidays!


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ZQ Sucks Celebrates The Holidays!
Yep. Totes got one. Got sucked in and spent every free moment I had today trolling through all of the tumblrs my greedy little fingers could find. I have no idea what I'm doing. Come follow me anyway! adoorhasopened.tumblr.com

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One more Pinto lover on tumbler equals win. A little off topic, but you have nice hair...and pretty eyes. Not to all creeper on you or anything.

I simply forget that tumblr exists, so I haven't completely sucked into it yet, apart from the porn ;)
I hope it's ok I've added you as a friend, since we sometimes chat on twitter and you're a lovely lovely fellow bean x

Don't mind at all, bb! I added you back ^_^

Who are you on Twitter, btw? I can never keep track of who's who.

Yay! Thanks :D
And I'm @tbirdflieshigh on twitter - sorry I should have said in the first place! Too busy squeeing over the latest Doctor Who trailer...

Ha! Ohhh! Okay. Yay, more LJ friends! :D

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