ZQ Sucks Celebrates The Holidays!


Gigi, Gina-Beana

We Have A Problem With No Solution. But To Love And To Be Loved.

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ZQ Sucks Celebrates The Holidays!
-Ratings are posted but make sure to read individual fic warnings, please.

Pinto RPS-

Howl First-time fic where Zach claims Chris in a wolfish manner. NC-17

Does He Love You? Super angsty fic where Zach and Chris power struggle. Zach answers the phone during intimate times and angry!Chris ensues. This was meant as a one-shot, but I may eventually add to it. NC-17

Terror Starts At Home Chris is with a much older man that enjoys seeing him fucked by Junkie!Zach. NC-17

Soiled Part 2 in the Terror Starts At Home 'verse. Chris and Ethan hire Zach for his 'services' once again. NC-17

One Day Like This Super fluffy fluff where Chris and Zach wake several times throughout the night and into the morning. PG

Spent On Rainy Days Zach gets locked out of his house. In only Boxers. With Noah. In a rainstorm. Terrible day is terrible and Chris makes him feel allllll better when he gets home. PG

The Liquid Measure Of Your Steps Genderswap!PINTO. Teen femmeslash. CHRIStine falls for the new girl at school. NC-17

Sleep Soundly Dear Chris is upset that Zach is staying longer in NYC for AiA so Zach attempts to make him feel better. NC-17

Quincest RPS-

While We Sleep A look at a building intimate relationship between Zach and Joe starting from the time they are young. NC-17

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8D You made a list!! \o/\o/\o/


Yay for lists! And surprise!fic. :D

Oh God I'm totally gonna read them all right now. Yay masterlists! ;-)

Great site, very impressive.

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